About USEngineering Solutions

The Company

USEngineering Solutions Corporation (USES) is a developer of software solutions that enable critical infrastructure owners, regulators, and asset managers to monitor, in real-time, their bridge, dam, levee, and other hydrologic infrastructure.

Software Solutions

USES’ software solutions provide clients with early warning of potentially destructive conditions to their critical infrastructure through electronic notification. The company’s products, BridgeWatch®, DamWatch®, FloodWatch®, WaterWatch, and IRIS®, were designed specifically to meet the needs of clients charged with the safety and maintenance of bridge, dam, levee, and other critical infrastructure.


Since 2002, USEngineering Solutions has been coupling skilled leadership, a capable technical staff, and extensive experience in the critical infrastructure and software industries to assist clients with the rigors of bridge, dam, levee, and infrastructure monitoring and management.


Hartford, CT

Baltimore, MD