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Valium this medication is used to relieve nervousness and tension or improve sleep disturbances. It is also used to relieve symptoms of alcohol withdrawal such as tremors, or used as an anticonvulsant or skeletal muscle relaxant.

Can you buy valium in france ? How about the US ? I got a nice deal last month at $7.50 and i am willing to pay a lot more for valium Thanks jeremechanic jeremechanic Anon Re: Valsalva You can get valium in France for 75 Euros. If you're willing to deal with a doctor or pharmacist, this will cost around Ambien cr to buy €6.50/hr. Now I can buy Valium everywhere for about 7.50 Euros per pack. michaeltron Premium Member join:2001-06-10 Shelburne, MA 5.6 0.5 michaeltron to stevesiv Premium Member to stevesiv I got my valium back last week. This is the worst way to screw a customer in business. I didn't spend more than 4 or 5 bucks, and the rest was on top that they are running their own business. I will just go back to what I was doing before this stupid law. jeremechanic jeremechanic to stevesiv Anon to stevesiv You're right, that's all wrong. The bill was about $17. I'd even rather pay $16. Maybe I'm spoiled by the Canadian dollar. What I'm saying is, in the US, valium is about $16 and the bottle lasts more than 12 hours. I'm just telling you to watch out. You're going have a lot of trouble getting your dealer to accept less than 100 Euros a pack here. I was in France last month and the same price was about $7. steve328825 join:2003-03-20 Lincroft, NJ steve328825 Member I got a nice deal last month At that time they were selling this cheap for around $7.50. I just went to my local pharmacy, purchased about 8 bottles and used it the next morning and got a little Valium thrown into bottle with coffee. I over the counter valium alternative uk guess there will be a few people who will be able to use this. jeremechanic jeremechanic Anon Re: I got a nice deal last month I got my valium back last week. My other problem was that I never used the valium for long enough to get the prescription filled and I didn't buy enough to fill mine, if that's what you meant by a 'nice deal'. It was about $17. It's a reasonable price. At least the other places to buy it here will do the paperwork for you. What pharmacy online 24 I'm saying is, in the US, valium is about $16 and the bottle lasts more than 12 hours. I got $16 this morning, what did I spend it on? krobusta11 join:2003-10-06 Sterling, VA krobusta11 to stevesiv Member to stevesiv said by stevesiv: Do you think that pharmacy was just stupid, or what? My only concern would be if the pharmacist didn't bother checking expiration date on the bottle or what date it was actually purchased. Or did I just get it in a random month? jeremechanic jeremechanic to stevesiv Anon to stevesiv

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Can i buy valium in france ? Is it available in europe Where can i buy valium in ireland? To: pnh102 I used to be a heroin addict, but my mom made me stop. She is a wonderful mother. I'm not sure my wife will be thrilled. Sincerely, a heroin addict To: pnh102 Powder in powder. I was a junkie, and my brother took care of a lady who was in her seventies, and took some to keep her from breaking down. I had trouble reading, then after a while my hand got really bad. He took some to keep her from breaking down. He's now been in rehab since. She is a nursing home and I hope she gets out soon. She's a good lady. To: pnh102 This has to be one of the stupidest things I've read. It is sad and pathetic. by 7 posted onby pnh102 ("My mother always was tough on me." --John Lennon) To: Jim Robinson "This has to be one of the stupidest things I've read." Yeah? What does it say about a drug addict that he or she would write this crap? And, really, is this supposed to be a joke? Is this the sort of thing that someone who is sober would post? To: Jim Robinson This is even more laughable, because the author is a junkie. Then again, maybe she's more concerned with herself than she is those affected by it. Perhaps some of these people have done their junkie thing before they took the pills, and have no idea Valium 10mg 60 pills US$ 260.00 US$ 4.33 what they're getting Phentermine 37.5 mg tablets for sale into. I suppose it could go either way. by 9 posted onby b4its2latex ("There are six types of lies: lies, damned statistics, nonsense, truth, and reality.") To: Jim Robinson That girl looked like a junkie to me! Damn, I have spent many a night wondering where the next one is going. To: pnh102 Well, that's about as much I can take. Thank you all. I can't believe it! To: Jim Robinson It's been going around for years, but it's almost hilarious. No idea how long that old woman has been in her room. Well, now she knows where I live! by 12 posted onby pnh102 ("My mother always was tough on me." --John Lennon) To: pnh102 It's just the other day I saw a headline about guy who died of the flu that he'd taken up with a friend. That was few days ago, so I'll probably check his name out. To: pnh102; cotter_jones; All A. A junkie taking legal substance that can kill you. B. A drug addict taking legal substance that can kill you. C. Someone who doesn't know that methadone Price for generic klonopin is illegal and they could be prosecuted for doing so. D. A guy selling prescription pills in a "doctor's office": the federal government will get his is valium available over the counter in france money but don't go to prison! To: pnh102; cotter_jones; All; kcwf You shouldn't read shit, only think. To: pnh102; All I took a few of those couple years ago, and I've been on methadone since. It's very difficult for me to overdose on it, but.

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